Wellness Coaching Creating Visions (WCCV) Health & Fitness Group focuses on researched evidence based tools to help you create your personal wellness vision, 3-months goals or “want-to’s” and weekly goals. In addition to coaching you will get 60 minutes of fitness that uses corrective exercises and the latest fitness technology to help you with core strength, balance, and range of motion for overall better physical and mental function. This program is designed to include lots of support, fun, and hard work to get the results you deserve. This group meets twice per week on Mon. and Wed. from 12 – 1:30pm. The first class will focus on your wellness vision, 3-months goals or “want-to’s” and first weeks goals that Carla will lead you through for success. The second class will focus on your physical assessments that include medical history review, girth measurements, body fat composition, and BMI for accountability and a safe workout. The last four weeks will consist of 60 minutes of a Corrective Exercise Program that improves balance, posture, strength, and metabolism, followed by 30 minutes of coaching for check-in on goals, support and strategies for success. The Wellness Coaching Creating Visions (WCCV) Health & Fitness Group is limited to 15 students max for 6-weeks and starts Mon. July 10th through August 14th, 2017 for a total of 12 classes total. Group is held at the Spirit of Joy located at 330 Scenic Drive, Clarkdale, AZ. All handouts and resources will be provided. You will need to bring a willingness to participate, and learn, dedication to self, the group and success. In addition please bring a foam roller and a mat. Registration opens June 22, 2017 at on Services Tab or Call Carla at 928.254.0149 for more information.