What Clients Are Saying

“She helped keep me on track, even while on travel for my career!”

Carla’s expert strength training plan is the key to reducing my body fat percentage from 36% to 24% in only 6 months. Phenomenal! I lost 40 pounds on my own but Carla provided the missing pieces with resistance training to focus on large muscle groups. Carla used her expertise to create a personalized fitness plan for me to help fill in the gaps. I was surprised her workout plan considered my busy travel schedule for work. Following her detailed plan, I continued to reach my goals even from the road. I strongly recommend Carla to anyone – at any age – for a customized client experience. Thank you, Carla…from a very happy 65 year old client!

Linda L. Swanson, Happy Fitness Training Client

Geoffrey Ball

Carla is always there when I need her. She is the one I call to get me back on track towards my goals when I need encouragement and a dose of inspirational medicine. I love her energy & spunk.

Jan Badaut

Carla is wonderful. She came to our house and did an evaluation for both my husband and me. She set up personal workout routines for each of us and provided resources and guides to keep us on track. Always super helpful. She coached us in the correct & safe way to perform the exercises to maintain good health and maximize our results. I recommend her services to everyone!

Anaya Lynn

I enjoyed working with Carla as my personal training at the Cottonwood Rec Center. She was fun to work with and created a workout plan to sustain me during the summer months when I was away from the area. I’m thankful to the rec center for providing members this service.

“Carla taught me the importance of nutrition.”

I’m a retired 62 year young man. I joined a local gym to keep my body in shape and quickly burned out from my regular workout routine. I called Carla after reading about her in a local Cottonwood article. After describing my situation, she  created a workout plan that kept me energized & boosted my health. I purchased a 10-session package and off we went.

I learned a great deal about nutrition, recipes, and the importance of good health. Carla armed me with resources and knowledge to make smart choices on my own when she’s not around to kick my butt. After completing my 10 sessions, I was able to see definitive progress. Carla really knows her stuff and will be able to help you on your way to lifelong better fitness.

Sal Cincieroni, Strong Man & Healthy Fitness Training Client

Carla quickly figured out just what I needed to reach my goals!

Carla Gardner is a pro. She created a workout plan tailored to my age, body, and schedule. Carla is fun & funny which made the workouts fly by. She pushed me to reach my maximum. I’m pleased with how I look now. I’m continuously energized by new workouts each week which fools the body into submission. This way my workouts remain fun & fresh.

Carla is a gift. She adapts to what each client needs and wants to achieve. Call her. You’ll be very happy that you did. I am!


Pat Gagliano, Current Personal Training Client

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